Specific examples of gore, are these okay?


Now that 17+ experiences are here, I’m excited to incorporate some more elements of gore for some stuff I was working on. Specifically in a folk horror styled game. (think blair witch, wicker man, until dawn, pet semetary etc.)

I’m gonna list a couple of things I wanted to include in some of my projects, but I’m not too sure how it’d go down with roblox. These things are:

  • A rabbit with its chest cavity opened, and innards replaced with flowers
  • Corpses suspended in tree branches (not impaled, just kind of caught on them)
  • And are hangings and cannibalism still a no-go? Probably.
  • Roadkill - such as a dead fox on the side of the road

Its tricky, because the animal-related things aren’t specifically animal abuse. There’s many games where you can kill and butcher an animal without issue so I think this would be okay.

As a refresher, here are the guidelines for 17+ gore:

17+ experiences on Roblox may include graphic and realistic-looking depictions of violence and heavy bloodshed, but we do not allow content that contains extreme violence or serious physical or psychological abuse, including:

  • Animal abuse and torture
  • Real-world depictions of extreme gore, graphic violence, or death
  • The depiction, support, or glorification of war crimes or human rights violations, including torture
  • The depiction, support, or glorification of real-world mass shootings and/or terrorism

Now I’m pretty sure that most of the things I listed are OK by these standards alone but roblox can be testy. And someone had told me, ‘if you have to ask, then no.’

And for reference this is gonna be a 17+ game I’m not intending to expose little kiddies to this

Thanks for reading! :smile: What are your opinions?

EDIT: Alright folks- Once again I am not intending to make this an all-ages access game. I wanted to guage the opinion on this kind of stuff, and I got it. I won’t be making this. Please don’t slander me, as with any change to the guidelines there’s gonna be a period of people figuring out what’s okay, (which I intend to abide by) and that’s just what I’m trying to do. And please don’t be super concerned or disturbed, I’m a fan of horror but I’d never hurt somebody and I always understand the difference between reality and games.

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It depends on the gore. Probably due to the description I would say 17 + because the roblox bloodiest game ever is 13 + :confused: You might be able to get away with 13 +. To accurately determine can you send the worse amount of gore in the game (in your opinion)

You can do all of these but to a extent. Don’t overdo it, keep it to a minimal.

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Oh, for sure. I’m gonna have this as a 17+ game but just a couple of the things I felt a bit iffy about

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Just to warn you are challenging roblox admins (jk lol) but seriously as you make your game for older and older people you are decreasing your audience by a ton since most people who play roblox are 6 - 10 yr olds.


Yup, I know. That’s one of the main issues surrounding 17+ games at the moment but this isn’t a game that’s supposed to be for 6-10 year olds lol they dont need to be seein this stuff

If 17+ game then maybe yes, otherwise you need to rethink your life and I’d like to see the face of the parents of those kids/conscious people who do this kind of shit, which affects absolutely any psyche even a hardened one in one way or another. Don’t you have anything better to do? Make a game in steam, and not where children under 12 play, putting on their account age over 18 years old.

Find me a person to go against this argument? Is it for people to have fun and take a break from their everyday depressing lives who played a game like this, or is it for business?

With such logic in the first option in the first variant it is necessary to put the person in isolation, in the second let him make stupid clickbait games for children with “special” development.

Everything in your list I would consider torture or extreme graphic violence. It will be very difficult to convince a moderator that a splayed-out, desecrated animal corpse is not a form of animal abuse, or that impaling and burning a decomposing humanoid is not a form of torture. Objectively I don’t think any of this will be approved on here even at 17+, this kind of stuff would easily be M+ and likely adults-only on a platform like Steam. Subjectively I find it extremely disturbing this is even a consideration, and the screenshots of women being beaten and killed in a dark forest is extremely concerning

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