Spectating feature without a disable option?

Hi, there’s a specific player that is the ‘villian’ in my game, they can’t speak and basically all they do is kill other players. When a player dies, they spectate the villian.

The villian is the only player they’re allowed to spectate so my game can work. I’ve done some research and people recommend that you have a disable option for spectating so players don’t feel anxious.

My problem is, if the villian disables spectate, it leaves nothing for the dead players to do. (I don’t want to reveal info about my game but a lobby isn’t a good replacement.)

I have one question, is it required to give the villian a disable option for spectating in my game?

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I don’t understand the problem, have you tried to make it and check how it feels?
You could add mini games for dead Players

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If a player got killed by the Villian, the player camera follows the Villian, and when Villian activates expectate the victims of that Villian changes to follow the current Villian expectate camera.

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I heard that if you have a spectating option in your game, you must have a disable option for spectating. Is this true?

Where did you get the info from? You can have one but you dork need one from what I know

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ChatGPT but I don’t trust it too much as it hasn’t got new information since 2021. (I just asked again and it gave me a different answer big facepalm, sorry for this post. Blame ChatGPT LOL)

Honestly Im not sure about that information, could make sense to let players to “live” their own experience, unlike forcing them to watch a specific camera… But… That should include Cinematics then… we cant force a player to follow the experience we’re providing?.. if player wants to not experience what we’re giving then player should close the experience, which will always be allowed to close it.

I dont know, comon sense, about boredom add minigames or funny ways to follow the villian, if this is about guidelines, I suggest that read the guidelines carefully


Thank you for your ideas! :purple_heart: :purple_heart: :purple_heart:

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