Specular lighting is dark with low roughness

There is a graphical bug involving specular highlights. Materials using roughness values approaching 0 will have very dark and muted specular lighting. This is the complete opposite of what should be happening. It seems this was not an issue a few months ago.

This is the reflection of a point light. On the right is a material with minimum roughness. On the left is the same material, but with a slight bit more roughness. Notice the huge drop in intensity. I’m not sure if environmental specular lighting is affected by this like discrete light sources such as the sun are.

As a reference point, here this is in blender’s eevee renderer. This is what is expected out of the intensities.

Here’s a file where this is setup if you’d like to take a look
specularBug.rbxl (36.7 KB)


We’ve filed a ticket to our internal database for this issue, and we will update you when we have news!

Thanks for the report!


We’ve found the issue. It should be fixed soon in the future release.


This should be fixed - anyone still having issues?

nope this was fixed ages ago, thanks