Speed A' Light - Update Log (2.3)


Version 2.3

Christmas Event 2021: Part 1

  • Added Crystle [MAP]
  • Added Brickstruct [MAP]
  • Added Blizzard King [BOSS]
    (Only can be fought on Shootout)
  • Added Frostknight [MOB]
  • Added Frostgladiator [MOB]
  • Added Frostarcher [MOB]
  • Added Freezearcher [MOB]
  • Added Multishooter [MOB]
  • Added Frosty [MOB]
  • Added Yeti [MOB]
  • Added Reverse Infinite Speed [RING]
  • Added Weapons
    (Flamethrower, Peacemakers, Bullpup Rifle)
  • Added Hats
    (Christmas: Minifridge, Festive Beanie, Festive Cloak, Festive Jacket, Festive Scarf Beanie, Festive Wreath, Toybag, Peppermint, Gingerhead, Gingerbread Right Arm, Gingerbread Left Arm, Gingerbread Right Leg, Gingerbread Left Leg, Gingerbread Torso)
    (Winter: Winter Hood, Winter Vest, Winter Pack, Right Winter Leg Piece, Left Winter Leg Piece, Right Winter Arm Piece, Left Winter Leg Piece, Penguin Torso, Penguin Right Arm, Penguin Left Arm, Penguin Left Leg, Penguin Right Leg)
  • Updated Main Menu
    (Private Battle Servers Available & Public Servers)
  • Added Loading & Victory Tracks
  • Updated Crate UI
  • Updated Status UI
  • Updated VIP Gamepass
    (Editable Max Players)
  • Christmas UI Reskin
  • Christmas Battlegrounds & Crossroads Reskin
  • Christmas Lobby Reskin
  • Christmas Lobby Music Setting
  • Removed Some Hats
    (forgot em)


  • Added Neocity [MAP]
  • Added Double Barrel Pump Shotgun [WEAP]
  • Added Gravepack [HAT]
  • Updated Shotgun Shell Ejection
  • Fixed Flame Sickle Burn

Part 2 of the Event will include the New Course Map