Speed and map size

hi, in my game i plan to add jets with as much realism as i can put into it, which brings up the question, how big does the map need to be? i was thinking like 20000x20000, but even at mach 1 that’s only 16 seconds. any help on what i should do?

as a reference, the city of Kabul in Afghanistan is around ~228k studs^2

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sorry for not directly answering the question, but doesn’t ROBLOX’s physics/rendering system have a panic attack at distances greater than ~50k studs?


you could probably cache it in chunks, store each like 500x500 chunk inside of some folder with its cframe data and just render it as you go maybe

kind of sucks that i might have to just make the speeds unrealistic

edit: just realized what you said about distance and render issues and figured that it wouldn’t work anyways

is there anything i can do except like halving units? are there any reasonable compromises?

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in regards to distance/render issues, you could maybe do what KSP does. instead of moving the player forwards, you move the world backwards relative to the player, giving the illusion of movement without actually moving the player, thus allowing you to create a massive world without any floating point issues.

the only problem with this is maybe the difficulty that programming custom physics might cause.

other than that, i have no other ideas.

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i think my best bet is just to lower the max speed a little bit, while keeping something like a 15000 studs ^ 2, and just cache the chunks of terrain to prevent recalculation or whatever i read about meshes and stuff


that sounds good,

good luck with the game!


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