Speedpowers release and feedback

Hello ROBLOX devs all around the world, I have released my game :zap::running_man:Speedpowers :running_man::zap:. It is a game where you walk to earn speed, and use them to complete quests, which give you more speed!

Images and info

The logo and thumbnail

The quests screen

Please play the game if you have time instead of looking at pictures, and provide feedback!

Also please dont be shy to point out major problems and mistakes, I do want feedback!
And also I know i should add more quests

Could anyone post feedback please?

Ngl, this is quite a poorly made game, i don’t know if this is the first time you make a game, but this is not too good

First of all, the game itself is very basic, just like typical simulator games, as time passes, it becomes more and more boring.

Second, the game is quite full of free models, it is not a bad thing but suggested to make your own map and models.

Third, the map is too small at the moment, and also the lake has no bottom and can be swim through.

Fourth, the DataStoreService is nonexisting, and I also don’t recommend letting players to have gears, since gears might break your game.

Overall, this game is a pretty normal starter game, I hope you can make some more interesting content in the future! :smiley:

I agree with everything you said here.
Game is quite poorly made