Speedrun 4 inspired

this is a fast paced game about running and avoiding obstacles while speedrunning to finish as fast as possible, any feedback is very appreciated slight_smile

here’s the game:

any criticism is appreciated.

A: the maps are badly designed B: the animations are horrible/need to be worked
C: the movement/gravity should get adjusted D: the game looks not fun overall

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I checked out some levels, and to be honest, It does almost seem like a prototype of speedrun 4 itself!
The level design is a bit meh (Like on the cloud level that has a shortcut(?)) has flat clouds as platforms, coming out to look quite out of place. The quality of assets could be better, for the animations, they can be overlooked. (if your not very experienced with animating, I’d suggest just using the curve editor in animator)
I would suggest adding your own mechanics instead of it just being running and jumping.
Like, maybe some ideas from PARKOUR, or other traversal games, like a grappler, or a wingsuit! (pretty much a minecraft elytra if you’ve never played parkour)
But, seeing a game inspired by an old game like speedrun 4 nowadays is quite nice to see!
Good luck with your project!