Speedrun It! My Game

So recently I posted here asking for your feedback about a Speedrun System I made. Now I’m back with much more content in the game, and I want to know what you think.


What’s the game about?
The game is an obby-style game with a variety of maps. The game includes a speedrun system and leaderboard to add a competitive style to the game.

Do you think “Speedrun It!” is a good name for the game?

  • Yes
  • No

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Features currently in game:

  • Speedrun System

  • Leaderboard with the ability to view best times for each map

  • Map changing system (4 maps, 2 of which I made in around 2 minutes and the other two I spent around 10 minutes on)

What I want from you
Please test out the game and let me know what you think about it, stuff I should add, any bugs you found, suggestions for maps, or even the smallest things that may bother you, etc.

Please keep in mind, the UI and maps aren’t great and that they are going to change.


The voting is 50/50. :sweat_smile: 30chars

Game was really fun & also frustrating. My time was 00:29:232, I think this is good? I would suggest you add levels/leaderboard of best time/badges for being in the top 10 speeds or something like that. I’m not too keen on the name though as Speedrun it! isnt very catchy. I read the description and you’re aware the map needs to be improved so yeah you should do that as I saw parts that were colliding on the same increment which looks bad in a game. This game has potential :smiley: hope this helped


Lol this reminds me of Quat’s ROBLOX Bhop and Surf, which I play alot xd It looks like a really promising game but I would probably change the UI and stuff around because it looks almost exactly like surf and bhop. Lol. :fire:

Pictures because why not

Links to ROBLOX Bhop/Surf

Yes, I did that on purpose so that there could be a rough idea of the game without me having to spend days trying to perfect UI and whatnot. I will definitely change the UI along with the start and finish areas in the future.

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You should spend some time polishing the game.
Check this link out!

The game was really fun, if you had players be able to submit maps in a contest for community maps those would be great!

I was thinking about doing that, but I wasn’t sure where to do so.

You could do it once every 1 or 2 months.

Some Feedback:

  1. I’d move the Timer/Best run UI to the top middle of the screen. Right now it’s kind of out of the way and not really easy to glance at, especially when you’re actually in a map speedrunning. I would still keep the view Menu button where it is

  2. Map visuals definitely could use some work. They’re bland, but I’m assuming part of that is because of the time you spent on them. I’d work on adding materials, themes, etc. Make them visually more complex while retaining the same sizes/collisions. Maybe mess around with fog and lighting so it doesn’t just look like a floating platform in the middle of nothing.

  3. Just an idea for in the future, but a BillboardGui above each player’s head showing their best time. Would make things a bit more competitive and quicker to see than going to the menu and checking the leaderboard.

Thank you for the great ideas! I will definitely be sure to add a billboardgui above each players head displaying their time along with their best.


Dude!!! This game is so fun!!! Keep it up!

The name “Speedrun It!” doesn’t sound very catchy and it’s very odd. You should probably make something similar to “Space Race” or something that rhymes. That’s a very catchy name.

It’s so entertaining for such a basic game! Actual footage:

Looks Good! I like the idea of the game but I feel like it needs some improvements. But overall, amazing concept.

Pretty good concept, but the obbies need more improvements

I think a good name for it would be Speedrun: New beginnings or Speedrun: Into the jungle which sounds like a movie but I hope these names helped. (I know they are kinda cringy but just wanted to come up with some cool names). Maybe, you can have different maps for an update.
That’s all. Great game by the way!

ngl I think having a timer kind of makes it more competitive to obviously get the fastest time and it gives a reason to redo a level which is good because I think most obby games you just play it get to the last level or play until your bored and leave, but with this game you kind of have a reason to go back.

I don’t really have feedback or suggestions, but if you’re not aware I think Vurse already beat you to this idea with his Speed Run games and probably other developers as well, but it looks good so far just work on the UI, add more levels give them some detail and yeah could be a cool game.