Speedrun Time: New Game and Question

Hello DevFroum members!

About 2 weeks ago I started coming up with ideas for a new game called Speedrun Time. Speedrunning has become very popular recently and I have only seen one game that people speedrun. It is called Speed Run 4. Now see, I don’t expect this game to blow up or anything so that is why I have this question;

Edit: Redacted some information to prevent game idea being stolen.

Am I able to make a thread in which people can submit their speedruns and if so, which category would I put it under?

I would really appreciate your feedback and answers to my questions. As always, thank you for your time and be safe.


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This would need to go not on the dev forum since it is only used for developing topics and collaboration.
Perhaps it could go into the discussion category but I don’t think it would work. :sad:
It would be a better idea to have them submit speed run directly to you like by gmail or by another website forum, then having the list of best speed runs in the actual game.

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Not really sure if DevForum is the best place to put this. Also it’s probably not a good idea to share your game idea, because you never know who might take it and make their own game out of it.


True. I will keep an eye out…

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it couldn’t go on devforum because you have to browse at least 750 posts and stay active to be ranked up to member, which finally allows you to reply.
it wouldn’t work.

You could always open a discord server for people to submit their speed runs.

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