Speedrun type running system?

Hey there,

I’m trying to create a system where a player can run up vertical slopes up to 89 degrees. With ROBLOX’s MaxSlopeAngle this is possible, but at high rates of speed the character tends to “bounce” off of walls or platforms. This is incredibly annoying for any sort of parkour-type game because your character will bounce off of the platform before you have the chance to jump.

I haven’t found any way to successfully prevent this from happening, but I did notice the game “Speedrun 4” by Vurse has a system in place for this.

Does anyone have any information or ideas to how I should try to program a system like this?




I am also a developer of certain parkour games and this is a recurring problem. I cannot find a set solution for this, however, I did notice that if the player goes through a certain area steadily, it has no problems.

I would recommend double-checking your avatar settings to see how collisions work in your game, but I mainly blame this on the current, constantly changing physics system. Maybe you can also modify the slope so the collision is a bit less effective and the player slides on the slope instead of walking up them?

These are just some ideas I had, but i’m no expert. I’m also very, very bugged by this issue. I hope you can find a solution :smile:


For that problem, would you think like using a body velocity would work, so when you press “W” you the velocity would move u, then when you stop, it stops and u kinda slide down. This would also be good for wall running etc.