Speedster Simulator Devlog #2

Hello guys, Im blood007lol and im working with another on a roblox game named Speedster Simulator
If you never check the first Devlog go check out here → Speedster Simulator Devlog #1
Btw Speedster Simulator is not finish.

For guys want to play the game later when is finish —> Speedster Simulator - Roblox

First Things
I changed the logo of the game.

Idk if its better, let me know if you like it or no.

Second things
The first building look like this

And Now it look like this

The building Is changing by @Archie4lifeyodude
The building is now a shop, you gonna know why.

final thing
I change the UI menu.
It look like this

And now it look like this

Let me know if you like the old UI or the New UI

Thanks you to read and take your time here.