Spend group funds role is useless?

I was under the impression that the “Spend group funds” role meant I could use the one time payout system. Not sure if this is a bug as I have no idea what I can spend group funds on if not using that. Anyone know what I can spend group funds on?

Can we get the ability to give someone access to the one time payment if they have this role?


I’m assuming that “Spend Group Funds” is for ads and purchasing things like audio, badges, thumbnails, etc.


I feel like this shouldn’t be in Feature Request category, kinda vague to declare what you’re requesting :stuck_out_tongue:
How about changing it to Lounge or Development Discussion, and put a new thread fully about one time payment? :slight_smile:

Rather wasteful isn’t it?


I’m not sure if they would allow a user to give themselves any amount of robux from the group funds, even with the owner’s permission.
It’s just asking to be exploited, and there’s not really any way to combat it.

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That what limits would be for, also one-time payout as paul said.
You set maximum amount of robux someone can take, and that’s pretty much it.

I’d propose percentage rated “self-payout” thing, as it makes it even better at handling. It wouldn’t have to limit itself to one-time only too.

I’m not sure if that would work.

Let’s say the group has 10k robux, and I’m allowed to take out 1k.
If I’m allowed to take out the amount multiple times, then I could just pay myself 1k, 10 times.

If I’m only allowed to take it out once, then it would probably be quicker for the owner to just do the payout. Rather than set all the parameters for the person, and then the person still has to pay it out to themselves.

Don’t even consider multiple time payout as it wouldn’t make sense.

And as I said above, percentage rated payout would be a lot better to put in roblox.

Yeah, I agree that multiple payouts wouldn’t work.

I’m just not convinced that allowing a user to sort a payout for themselves is:
a) Safe
b) Quicker than handling the payout yourself.


a) It would need someone that is handling with those stuff.
b) Quicker by itself? No. Owner could get it as quickly done as you yourself. But consider that you don’t have to ask to get payed out every time as you already got your percentage set by owner, so you can pay out whenever you want or need.

Isn’t that what the monthly % payout is for?
Maybe this could be solved by having an option for a daily or weekly % payout.

I’m not against the idea; I think it would be quite useful.
I’m just considering that there may be easier ways to handle this.

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Oh there is monthly payout? Didn’t know.
Then yes, as the question was answered, and the monthly payout is actually the closest thing to percentage payout that I’m talking about, the main request in this request isn’t that much useful after all. It has already better options to replace it, that already seem to be shipped.

Uhh, the reason for this was because I dont want to have to manually pay out all the uniform funding requests that I get, instead I can get a minion to do it for me. Even something as simple as the being able to request money and the owner approves it would improve my life tremendously.

I don’t quite understand the first part.
But in the second, do you want an option to be able to request money from an owner? Can’t you do it via some communicator, or simply Roblox chat? Correct me if I’m wrong, but that part seems a bit useless for me.


  • I own a group that requires uniform
  • Poor people cannot afford uniform
  • I use group funds to help poor people if they can’t afford it while rich people replenish the group funds by buying the uniform
  • I get a lot of poor people needing uniforms
  • Little ol’ me only has 24 hours in a day
  • I would like someone else to be able to handle paying out money to the poor people so I can focus on other things without having to hand over ownership of the group
  • After this is done, many happy, poor people will get their funding faster and I can do other things.

So you want to handle the privilidges to someone else too? Isn’t it already achievable by the permission levels and such in group admin settings? If not, that should be the request from the beginning :stuck_out_tongue:

Not achievable by roles AFAIK, I just thought that spend group funds is already an appropriate role for the scenario.