SphereCast nil at high radius

Currently im trying to raycast from a balls position down, it works well the radius of the ball is small but as soon as it increases the cast becomes nil

				local primary = snowBall.PrimaryPart
				local size = primary.Size 
				local diameter = math.max(size.X, size.Y, size.Z) 
				local radius = diameter / 2
				local start = root.Position + root.CFrame.LookVector * (self.OFFSET + radius)	
				local DIRECTION = Vector3.new(0, -999, 0)
				-- Params just include everything except ball and player
				local ray = workspace:Spherecast(start, radius, DIRECTION, self.PARAMS)

Can you please create a semi-transparent sphere with the exact same size and position as the spherecast? its possible that something to do with root.Position and the setting of the start variable is causing the position of the spherecast to become incorrect with larger values.

This is because spherecast doesn’t detect parts that initially intersect with the shape. To fix this, you need to add another offset to elevate the start position more.

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