Spherical different type of lighting

The lighting and atmosphere in my game is always night and cold. What i wanna do, is have in a separate section a really sunny day. I know how to change lighting in different locations, but what i want is that sunny sky to be a lot closer than an actual sky. To explain it better, i want a building with a high roof that looks like a skybox, not a roof.

Again, im good at scripting, so you dont have to put here whole scripts, just give me the idea of how to do it and maybe links to devhub

Still looking for solutions on this

you could have it like the time of day changes based on your position, or you could have zines that trigger lighting changes.

I know about all of that, but i want the sky to be close, like its not a sky but a building

You could have a spherical mesh with inward pointing normals and change the texture when needed.