SPIDER MAN - far from home GFX-opinions

I hope you like it and think this gfx takes me 1 hour what it takes to do the blender and material


Great Gfx! here is my suggestions.

  1. You should try rendering your Gfx sample more to get those dark particles on the characters. Body and clothes of!


  1. The buildings on the side has. A lot of white colored areas on them as seen on the picture you should fix that!!
White Areas


  1. And on Spiderman! try removing those white lines on the characters clothes. And i would fix the road i see a light blue glow on it…!

Anyway, great work your Gfx hope to see more soon!

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For the quality I see from you, this graphics seems rushed.

  • The characters, and image as a whole, look stretched out.
  • The characters are standing still in an unnatural position.
  • The sun next to the character with a cape looks entirely synthetic/modified, and does not blend in at all.
  • The effects seem poor suggesting multiple themes.

P.S. you shouldn’t advertise this on your portfolio as it can be misinterpreted to indirect profiting from stolen content/infringed intellectual property.


Pretty decent GFX overall…

My only minor complaint is that Spider-Man looks a bit thinner compared to the regular Robloxian rig, which can be noticed mainly from the mask.

friend esque in the mask of spiderman use the one of roblox 2015 sorry :;c

No, it’s not the mesh of the mask that’s the issue, it’s that it’s a bit thinner compared to the Robloxian head from a regular rig.

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Great design! I really like it. To make it even more fascinating, you can add overlays that say catchy things like “New!” and etc.