Spider mech showcase

I made this spider mecha it was modeled and animated in Roblox
I’m currently trying to find someone to script an attack for it so I can put this in a game


bruh how does this not have 13098721947321 likes yet???

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This is some pretty impressive work! Great job!

Keep up the hard work and you’ll definitely achieve some pretty amazing stuff!

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My advice: Move away from roblox.

Now, as this may sound negative at first, please let me explain. Your development is fairly high quality, roblox, being roblox, ruins the quality of your modelling. Your work, such as stuff like this, would be much cooler in an ‘actual game’ where the quality can be kept as close to the original product as possible.


ur really good, the model looks really nice, the person above me may be correct, but always save an copy of all assets, if something happens, you know what to do

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