SpiderMan Simulator 🕷️ update log

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Update 4:

FYI: Trains have been put under maintenance, they were causing lag we will be rewriting the train system soon for the new mission.

Recently added:

  • Progress bar
  • Combo bar
  • Dialogue choices
  • Bug fixes

working on:

  • Doc ock
  • Fire rescue, Stop trains, Pizza delivery
  • Playtime rewards
  • 3 premium suits
  • Dynamic cash prices
  • Daily bugle
  • Avengers tower
  • Sewers

Roadmap: (not in order)

  • Playtime rewards
  • Language Translation:
    Spanish, Portuguese, Korean, French, and Chinese
  • Missions:
    Rescue civilians from burning buildings, Rescue civilians from mugging in alleyways, Car chase robbers, Deliver pizzas to civilians, Kill drones, Defeat thugs messing with police radio antennas, Stop trains, Travel the multiverse to defeat spot
  • New Abilities:
    Kill mode, Sentry, Pulse bomb, Remote mine, Black hole, Wing gliders, Web smash, Hammer (Thor’s hammer), Katana (Muramasa blade), Sceptre (Loki’s scepter)
  • Villains:
    Lizardman, Electro, Sandman, Doc Ock, Vulture, Mysterio, Kingpin, Rhino, Carnage, Thanos
  • Suits:
    Rami suit (ripped & not ripped, from stopping trains), Anti ock, Spectacular spiderman, Spider ham, 2099, Caine, Miles 2020, ATSV, Noire re-work, Ultimate Spider-Man Suit (Comics)
  • Play as villains (buy for cash) w/ their abilities upgradable
  • Iceman & Firestar unlockable characters for comic book pages
  • Apartments