Spin-Kick Issue?

For some reason, I decide to finally to create moves, but when I use the animations, they look far less impactful?


Are you playing the full animation, or is it getting cut off? An animation should end up with the same end frame as the start frame.
When you run through the animation itself there seems to be an entire rotation of your character, but when you play it in test mode you only seem to have 1/2 a rotation, and your back leg is stuck out facing the opponent.

roblox reverses in and out easings on animations for whatever reason, try reversing them in the animation

That’s not a very good idea. There’s definitely better ways than this.

Everyone like this topic please, most satisfying ragdoll kick on the platform.

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how is this not a good idea?? im just suggesting something, its not like itlll burn his house down

I didn’t insult you. Just it’s not a good idea. OG probably also knows.

What priority is the animation using?

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Very simple issue. Let’s start with the things that you’ll have to fix on the animation itself.

  • Start : You’ll need an anticipation pose, before even starting the animation. That’s one of the principles of animation that you did not respect. You character has to prepare for the attack, and it has to be visually explainatory that the character is going to kick. Also, this gives time to your opponent to react.

  • End :
    1 : You’ll have to let the character end his action, since you’re ending the animation at the moment of the impact which is illogic. Little bonus : copy the impact keyframe and paste it 0.4 seconds later, to give it max hit impact feeling. This will have to be applied on the person hit (you’ve done it already). (reference : Super Smash Bros)
    2 : You’ll need a relief pose, where your character goes back to the original state he was with some relief.

Now let’s fix the overall feeling of the impact by taking in count 5 things to make a good impact :

  • Attacker animation
  • Defender animation
  • Impact Sounds
  • Visual Effects
  • Camera Shakes

With all of those combined, you’ll have a very powerful impact. If you’re a beginner, I only recommend doing the first 3.
Hope that advanced explaination helps.

Actually, it was the animation blending within the work space that was messing it up, but there are most definetely issues with the actual animation that I may have to look into.

I only started animations since my scripting has been peaking as of recently, so I felt I needed to divulge outside of my comfort zone if I wanted to achieve my goal, which was making a barebones game completely solo. Today I’ll probably look more into animation-related videos and begin to make the attempt to replicate the effects and tips that are even through them, because this kick was just me looking at a Chinese animation and trying replicate/copy the look of the hit.

Interesting, last night I was actually attempting a relief pose, but it looked very forced and unnatural, so today I may be remaking it to achieve that feeling, in which they go back to a relaxed position. The anticipation pose may need to get re-made, or fixed to make it less than a flicker and more like an actual preparation for a kick, because it kind of looks very out of place for the character to quickly flicker and then kick as of right now. I’ll probably get started on it right now and take a break for a little to check in back in this thread and send the changes I made.

Also, I have been learning VFX, so it’s good that you mention VFX + Camera Shakes, because those are both things I also need some improvement on.

The priority is now action. It was previously a core animation when I had checked.

So, I attempted

to follow about 1-4 of the Principles of animation, being squash and stretch and anticapation, and pose to pose.

I decided to make the final pose a bit weird because I don’t know how smoothly I’d be able to ease back into the normal roblox idle animation. The VFX is weird because I was trying to base it off a manhwa
Which didn’t go that badly as a texture, but I might be forced to split that up into different parts, such as the white part out of it, make a black outline/ring and the part vfx could possibly stay for now.

The sound is emitted once the kick is nearly there, but not quite. So, I managed to do that, but now I want to do something like a screen shake and a color correction along with a possible revamp of the VFX. If I could get your input @Final_Miro I would appericate it very much.

This is a huge improvement compared to last time, and I’m proud to see that. You’ve applied new animation principles and fixed the animation, which makes this a lot better. Also, the VFX will be an issue at the beginning since you need to master particles. But you’ll master them soon enough if you toy and experiment with the engine often.
You’ve done a great job.

I’ll be able to help you on a Particle Emitter based change, but not for scripting such as camera shakes. I do not know how to script, sorry.

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Thank you so much for the assistance. You allowed me to improve on the anims and gave further input. :+1:

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