Spinning Wheel of Death (Stuck on Cursor)

lately studio has been very buggy with loading. I do a lot of modeling, and so when I do, I make a lot of unions. Unions take a while to load, and when they’re big, they make studio come close to crashing, sometimes crashing entirely. My issue comes in when I’m making big unions, when I save a fresh baseplate, or when a team create place auto-saves. What happens is Roblox Studio will freeze, I’ll wait to get going again, and when it’s done, my cursor will be stuck on the blue spinning loading wheel.


(an example of it happening, gyazo doesn’t animate it, but it doesn’t change based on actions or movements.)

This bug has been happening for some time now, probably a Month at this point, and it still occurs.
it happens most of the time now, which is why I bring this up now.
I can’t force it to reproduce the issue, so I can’t really provide steps other than “make many unions until it happens” if that will even work. I was only able to capture it because it happened again.

When this happens, I can do everything normally, and the only way to get rid of it is to restart studio. Roblox doesn’t crash when this happens either, so I dont think it’s crash related.


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