Spiral Staircase has invisible parts that block the path up?

Hello, recently after creating a spiral pathway that leads upwards I ran into an issue where there are invisible parts that have collision on and prevent me from walking correctly and instead makes it look like I am walking on the air.

  • I have tried face orientation but it doesn’t help me at all since it’s all just one part made into a spiral.
  • I have tried multiple tactics yet it seems not to work.

Is there any way to fix this?

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Try changing the CollisionFidelity property of the Mesh.
You can see how your Mesh or Union is actually represented with ShowDecompositionGeometry in the Studio settings, but I find this plugin works much easier:


You could try turning the collision of the mesh off.
Then you use normal parts with invisibility = 1, and fill in where the parts your character is supposed to step are.

Or you could break up your spiral stairs into smaller parts. Make sure to read above on the Collision Fidelity post ^