Spirited Away Showcase

Currently learning Substance Painter, and decided a good exercise would be recreating two of my favorite scenes from the film Spirited Away. Overall was a really fun experience. Everything modeled and textured by me using Blender and Substance Painter. Thanks to @EgoMoose for the portal. Also shoutout roblox for PBR and skinned meshes.

Game Link : https://www.roblox.com/games/6110844821/Vibe-Train

the portal to the boiler room is hidden. try looking for a click detector.


It’s beautiful! It really inspires me.

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Awesome work, keep updating this jewel, good night!

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Woah, that’s really amazing bro good job.

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Yooo this is sick, I love the animation on this thing in the boiler room as well

also love the integration of the portal, great stuff


Wow, It is good made! I think that man its from a film, I don’t remember what film it is but I think a anime film, anyways the buildings are so cool!

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The whole showcase is about Spirited Away I believe. Sorry for bumping an old topic.

Loving the post processing, and the textures.

Sorry for late response; I based the game off of the train scene / boiler room scene from Spirited Away for sure lol. One of my favorite films by far.

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Oh wow! This is amazing!!! I could only dream of making something this good, great job!

So cool! I actually studied Spirited Away in an English Project a few years back so this gives me some memories :slight_smile:

That’s amazing. You’ve just got me all hyped up to get back to working.

bro this is awesome, i cant wait to play,


This is amazing, spirited away is one of my most favorite and memorable movies, great showcase! Do you by chance have a Howl’s Moving Castle showcase?

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