Spirit/ghost inside character

Hello, im trying to make spirit/ghost inside character that look like this


but mine look so awful

Texture just starts twitching and looks really weird

Sorry for my engrish

You can set the parts transparencies to 1, and as soon as you use the spirit set the parts transparency to 0

The ghost and your character have the same dimensions. This is called Z-Fighting. The two builds are fighting to overlap eachother.

Simply make the ghost smaller, or do what @TotallyTrustful said.


But i wanna make it look like this

always visible

And also I try to make it bigger but still it look really weird

I can’t see edges of my suit

thanks for help

You would have to make it very slightly bigger. You made it too big, and i believe its moved slightly up (you can tell by the shoulders and hair).

You would have to be very very very precise with your sizing, making it only just peek through your character, and position the ghost correctly so that it wraps around the character nicely.

I’m not sure how to fix the edges of your suit problem. The edges should be facing outwards, so that if the ghost can be seen from the front, so can the edges.

I’m not too familiar with this kind of stuff, but i think the stuff i said should work.

Hope this helped.

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Oh! You make your character a mesh. Then you use the forcefield texture on a part then insert a special mesh in it. Then it should work.


“You make your character a mesh”
Do you mean, union it?