Spitfire | 2019, Zombie apoclypse!

Hello DevForum,

You may know me because I post a lot about my new games that I work on with my friend. All those projects were put a side, but! This game will not be, as I do love my intention in horror, and zombies I thought that this game would be pretty cool to make. As well as my co partner helping me, he has a love for zombie games and movies as well.

About Spitfire?

Spitfire is a FPS/Fighting styled game, that will have a lobby maybe even more than one map, all you have to do is fight the waves of zombies, one by one, by one!

Why would I play this?

Well you see,
Spitfire will be more advanced than my other games. Spitfire will be somewhat high class, great buildings, etc. Honestly, it’ll be packed full of scares, goblins…? “No, no, I don’t think so. Not goblins.” Haha, anyways. Scares, zombies, shooting, and much more action!
Constant updates will come to the game.

The Team


So, the team may be a little small. But still. You can’t doubt a game by how small their team of developers are, it’s by how good the game is.

Anyways, I don’t have much context for the game currently, because development has only recently started on it. Thank you for reading DevForum, It’s all appreciated.

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