Spixeled - Graphic/UI Designer [CLOSED]

Hey there! My username is Spixeled. I joined Roblox back in 2014 and I’ve been doing graphics for a few years now.

Here are a few select examples:




Personal Work



You can check out more of my work here: Spixeled - Hobbyist, Digital Artist | DeviantArt

I currently accept both robux through group payout and USD through PayPal.

Thumbnails: 10k-15k R$
Logos/Icons/Ads: 5k-8k R$

Prices will of course vary based on the complexity of the order and are always subject to change. Please note that refunds are not available if I have already completed the graphic and that I reserve the right to cancel commissions assuming payment hasn’t been given.

Thumbnail and UI commissions are currently closed. Icon commissions will be accepted on a limited basis; contact me for availability.

My preferred communications is via discord (Spixeled#1779). You can also contact me through direct messages here.

Thanks for reading! Feel free to leave feedback or ask any questions below. :slight_smile:


Damn, I would recommend PayPal being an option of payout. Loads of devs use it and to be honest, I prefer it too :slight_smile:

But apart from that, your work is amazing!


Yeah, I plan on creating a PayPal to accept USD commissions soon. Thanks!

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Updated to include UI as well as some more recent graphic examples, updated prices

Make sure to check them out! :slight_smile:


I commissioned Spixeled for my game Magic Simulator and he did an amazing job on all of the ads as you can see with what he linked above. He completed everything in a timely manner and was great to work with in terms of requests of slight adjustments for our specific needs. I highly recommend him to anybody looking for a graphic artist!


Wow, amazing works. I think I now know where to go for GFX designs for an awesome price :slight_smile:


Examples, pricing, availability updated. Commissions open for the summer!


Reopened commissions and added some new examples, make sure to check them out!

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I’m interested in an icon! I sent you a friend request on discord.


What do you use for your UI and how long did it take to learn?

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Hey, thanks for your interest. I use Adobe Illustrator to design my UI, and since I already had experience in vector art, I was able to learn it quick. However, it took a while to get the hang of placing and configuring the UI within studio :slight_smile:

Hi, can I order a thumbnail and logo?

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Sure, just PM me or add me on discord (Spixeled#1779).

Updated prices, added some new thumbnail and icon examples! Make sure to check them out!

Hi! Very interested in your work. What are your USD prices?

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My USD prices would be the DevEx equivalent of my Robux prices, so $28+ for thumbnails and $17.50+ for icons as of now. Thanks for your interest!

Commissions now open! Updated to include price changes as well as some new thumbnails and icons!

Hey! Bought a thumbnail and game pass Icon from him. Paid extra on the thumbnail because it was insanely good and he had no issue paying attention to detail.

I paid a very reasonable price for both the thumbnail and the game pass icon and I was really impressed with this guys work ethic. He’s a really good person to work with overall. He has no issue meeting deadlines given to him (Obviously if they’re reasonable… people have a life) and his overall attitude towards the tasks he completed for me was really positive.

Definitely recommend hiring Spixeled as your graphics artist!

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Examples updated! Check out the new thumbnail, icons and ads in showcase :slight_smile:

Hello, I am a fellow Graphic Artist,

Do you have any recommendations? Plus, what do you render on? Blender or Cinema4D.

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