Splash Screen Suggestions


As a Roblox player, who frequently uses dark theme, it is impossible to open the app without forcibly facing the light-themed splash screen. When you open it at night, you get blasted with brightness, then after loading the home page, it quickly turns dark (depending on your theme). Not only is this unsuited for dark lighting settings, but the transition from light to dark is very jarring.

Therefore, I propose that there should be a dark version of the splash screen to satisfy the users with dark theme enabled.

Another thing: aesthetically speaking, an app’s splash screen usually has its logo on it, not the name of the app. It is more professional and fits better. I love the white gradient logo, so why not replace the splash screen with that? A matching background to the home screen would allow the transition to be smooth with minimal screen change. Take inspiration from Google apps, whose splash screen background matches the initial state when loading the app and oh man, it looks slick!

Here is the current splash screen, and two theme-respecting mockups using the logo instead. (Gradient logo for light theme doesn’t look as good, so it’s better to have a material version for that.)

Current Sample Dark Sample Light
Sample_Dark_Splash_Screen Sample_Light_Splash_Screen

If this was added, it’d improve my experience because I can open the app knowing my dark theme settings are respected. I don’t know why but Roblox and many other apps are usually lacking in their dark theme department in comparison to light theme, and it feels bad to know that that is a low priority. But, this is a good chance to change that, starting with the splash screen. I don’t know about the app on iOS, but I can definitely speak for the Android experience.

Thank you.