SplashBay Game Rules

SplashBay Game Rules

Whether you’re communicating with other players or playing the game by yourself you are responsible for how you express yourself. These are the general rules you need to follow while playing SplashBay:

  • Don’t engage in harassment of others.
  • Don’t abuse game bugs, glitches, or exploits.
  • Don’t make threats of violence or threaten to harm others.
  • Don’t troll or actively ruin someone’s playing experience.
  • Don’t spam the chat or other communications.
  • Don’t grief or intentionally destroy or block someone’s build while on the same team.

Zero-Tolerance Hate Speech Policy

We have a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to discrimination based on someone’s race, sex, ethnicity, disabilities, orientation, religious affiliation, or national origin. Violators of this policy will be banned. Ownership has the right to override the ban and perm-ban you.

Account Punishments

To enforce our game rules, account punishments are issued when someone attempts to or actually does break the rules. These are the general punishments issued for each offense:

  • Bypassing Punishment: Server ban → game ban
  • Trolling: 3 warnings → 3 kicks → server ban → game ban
  • Toxicity: 3 warnings → 3 kicks → server ban → game ban
  • Harassment: 3 warnings → 3 kicks → server ban → game ban
  • Chat or image bypassing - Instant game ban [No Warnings Needed]
  • Exploiting or cheating: Instant game ban, reported to Development to Perm-Ban.
  • Spamming: 3 warnings → 3 kicks → server ban → game ban | Mute
  • Hate speech: Instant game ban [No Warnings Needed]
  • Attempting to circumvent punishments or loophole rules: Instant game ban [Warning Needed]

All game bans are permanent. Punishments may be appealed via the game’s official Community Server located under the group social link if you believe you were punished unfairly.