Splashed Hotels: Staff Policies and Procedures


Staff Policies and Procedures at Splashed Hotels:

Staff Rules:

  1. All staff members must go through the application and training process. Promotions are earned through hard work and dedication and are not sold, traded, or granted to friends.
  2. Do not constantly ask for promotions. Promotions are based on work ethics, activity, and availability.
  3. Only receptionists and higher ranks can assign rooms. The system is only accessible to Rank 7 and above.
  4. Staff members may work in different roles, but not vice versa (except for security rank). For example, a receptionist may assist the bar or housekeeping staff in cases of excess stuff, but a housekeeper or bar staff may not work as a receptionist.
  5. Suites are only given to guests in the suite lines.

Admin Abuse:

  1. Do not use the main chat (M) unnecessarily. It is to be used only for essential guest announcements. Communicate important things with fellow staff members through private messages (PM).
  2. Do not teleport or bring high ranks unless it is critical. PM them if you need them instead.
  3. Profanity, misuse of handcuffs, or other serious administrative misconduct will result in immediate removal from rank without a chance of re-hiring. A warning will be issued for accidental and insignificant administrative misconduct (such as using M inappropriately or teleporting to the wrong person). Three warnings could lead to a suspension.

So you want to be promoted?

  1. Are you active?
  2. Are you dedicated?
  3. Do you have a good work ethic?

Staff members who don’t request promotions are promoted from all higher ranks. Promotions are earned based on activity. Those who look after our customers have excellent grammar and act in a professional manner at all times.