Spleef game, with a unique feature FEEDBACK

Hello, seeing the recent popularity of spleef games, i decided to invest the time to make one as I thought it would be good for my skills.

(24) Crazy Plates - Roblox

There is the finished result.

Please let me know any feedback, as that would be really helpful!

PS: It’s funner with a few players



Hello, I played your game earlier and actually caught you in-game! The game is really nice, and I like the metal platforms that bring you to the next level.


Thank you, appreciate your feedback!!!

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I see you have a fix player number in your game.
I joined it had 20-30 players playing.
I enjoyed it but there were nothing holding me to keep playing and the players with me was easily exiting the game so it make the enjoyment level substancially fall


Okay, thank you! Any suggestions on how I could keep these players longer? :slight_smile:


You could add:
-Less Time loading the map
i see that each tile loads per itself, instead, you could just clear the map and clone a already done from ServerStorage or any directory.
-the game pets are all in the workspace, instead, i suggest you to make a pet system with gui and etcetera
-Try adding more different types of tiles like chess tiles.
-The tiles fade out very quickly, you can make it stay for a lit bit more time
-also, in my opinion, the lighting effects hurts my vision

Unfortunately, i do not have soundspeakers so i dont know if the game have music.

if my english sounds bad, its bc im not native english speaker

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Thank you, yes the game does have an audio playing from roblox library. Question, what do you mean by lighting effects?




The spleef game is really cool! I like the metal platforms that bring you up! :grin:

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with lighting effects, i mean blur, fog, colorcorrection, ambient etcetera

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Well done game. I feel like intermission time should be shorter, and more game modes should be added in.

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Thanks! I’ll get onto this, need some idea first though!!! As for intermission times I’m going to start right away!! :confused:

Thank you very much! Glad you like them.

It was a solid game. I won the first game I played, the metal plates are not beneficial late game at all though. They mostly go up to only a couple of plates. Good game, I had fun. (ok i won twice in a row, nerf me classic creations)

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:joy::joy:, appreciate your feedback!!

Maybe possibly a game mode where you have to step on the right color of you fall to the next level. The other thing you could try is a game mode where you use a projectile to knock other people over for a couple seconds.

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Really good ideas, thank you!! Will be taking a little break for a while though. :slight_smile:

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I think there are some issue’s with the game.

First of all, it isn’t very unique, it has one game mode you could say but I think it gets boring over time.
Another thing is that the building could be improved.

There are already Tiles games, I made one for example, but I added a lot of game modes and I spent a long time on it.


Yes. I will keep into mind the idea of adding new game modes, thanks. It was mainly made for purposes of seeing what I could do.