Splinter Cell Goggles: Night Vision, EMF, And Thermal Modes

I’ve been revisiting some old games lately, and one of my childhood favorites was Splinter Cell. I really liked the goggles in particular, and it gave me an idea…

The night vision goggles were easy, all I had to do was enable a ColorCorrection and blur filter in Lighting whenever that mode was enabled.

When it came to the EMF and Thermal goggles, I knew I wanted the parts to be glowing, so neon was the way to go. I simply set all the parts in the workspace to neon when it was time to switch to either one of them.

In order to return parts back to their original appearances, each part gets stored in a table, alongside a sub-table containing its color, material, and if it’s a MeshPart, its TextureID (this gets replaced with a dud when the vision mode is active).


Player clothing gets stored in a folder created by a ServerScript, to be returned when exiting EMF or Thermal vision.

If a part in the workspace is tagged with the corresponding vision mode, it shows up a different color. Deciding the color for different EMF objects was really simple. If it has a certain attribute set to true or false, color it accordingly.

But temperature was a bit different. I wanted the parts to be colored differently depending on what their actual temperature was, rather than a simple “High = red, Medium = yellow, Low = blue” type deal.

So after fiddling with tons of weird equations that didn’t make any sense, I realized I could simply assign a temperature to each part, turn it into a decimal, and translate it directly into HSV with a quick clamp. It’s pretty crude, but it actually works pretty well.

It’s still a work in progress, along with a slightly refined grab system and some NPCs that I’m planning on implementing into my game… Eventually…

Lmk your thoughts so far!


Wow… holy crap that’s awesome! I never played Splinter Cell myself, but that looks really cool!

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Thanks! I have no idea what to do with it yet. I was just playing Splinter Cell and went “ooh, shiny. Me want” lmao

I think everything has too much bloom. Other than that it looks good so far :3


Yeah, I plan on toning it down with at least the thermal vision.

I’d still like at least the EMF vision to be fairly blurry to obscure the environment and focus solely on electrical stuff, and the night vision should be blown out by bright light.

It’s all about trade-offs lol. Ideally with thermal vision, you can see enemies through smoke or in the dark if they blend in with a monotone background, but aiming would be a bit more difficult because of the inherent fuzz from the goggles.