Splitted Screen aka Multiple Cameras


My exact arguments still stand.


I know about still. Still glad about it’s in hack week at least! :smile:


Update on thread:
Released as viewportframes (third idea of mine).


Yeah but, this isn’t the same at all.

  • It is localised to single models
  • It is heavily drawn back rendering (for the reasons I described above)


I’m going to clear the solution on this thread because a feature request is for a feature that all developers will use, not necessarily just the poster, and I don’t think ViewportFrame satisfies the split screen use cases properly.

ViewportFrame might be a workaround for now, but I don’t think most developers will be satisfied with this solution since it results in lower rendering quality, is inconvenient to use for this purpose, and is not really a performance-friendly way to pull this off, since you still draw a scene behind the two ViewportFrames.


Personally, I am not 100% satisfied with viewportframes for this purpose so I appreciate the change.