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I was about to sponsor my game, then I thought to myself, what does the gender selection really mean? What Is it really used for and why is it implemented in the sponsor feature?


When I select only male, wouldn’t that give me less impressions? Or simply, would more male see it than women? I look forward to hearing answers from anyone.


It’s to pretty much target a specific audience for your game. For example, if its some sort of shooter, then by default more men are more likely to play it than women. Or if its some sort of roleplaying/family game then women are more likely to play it than men.

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Oh, as I said, wouldn’t that just lower your impressions though? You can’t be 100% certain a woman wouldn’t play a shooter game, you’re just lowering your chances of income and a definite chance of more visits.

Not really, However it still does depend on the game. Sure some women play shooter games but 95% of the time it will be guys that play it. You can try setting the target audience to any but that would not really bring that many more players to a shooter rather than just setting it to male.

Fair enough. I think it’s weird in my opinion. If I’m going to put a lot in a sponsor, I’d want 100% possible. If you understand what I mean.

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No, it would not. Since you are not distributing your ad to users of another age group or gender, it will filter those out from seeing your ad, focusing your ad on only those you select.

Think of a garden hose versus just a hose. The garden hose has more concentrated streams of water.

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Ohh, right! Thanks!

I will now use this feature.

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