Sponsor or other type of disclosure?

Well, as we all know, since October last year we have been facing a big problem with ads in roblox, as due to a European law, they had to place ads only for +13, making this feature unavailable for more than half of the platform users. New Sponsored Items and Updated Ad Audiences

Because of this, since then I’ve been quite afraid of sponsoring my games (which have even had a big drop in players in recent months), so I really wanted to see the feedback and suggestions that you are currently making to with this problem that this affecting small and medium developers, I’m sure this topic will be able to help more people!

A while ago I decided to spend some robux to see how the click-through rate was on the ads, and as expected it is 3-4x lower than last year (even though it was 1k vs 800 robux)

That is a bit silly and will make ads almost irrelevant. I think a possible solution is to have a partnership with another game of a similar type. For example, your game is an obby. So you can reach out to other obbys of similar size and see if each of you can put a portal at the end to drive people to your game.

I would recommend using ads on the menu not sponsor ships. People barely click on sponsors unless you put that much. I think ads on the menu are more efficient because a lot people will prob see it. Another reason why a lot less people visited was because of a drop of robux spent and a lot of the people who probably saw it this time already knew about the game so they didn’t play it again.

I feel that a possibly getaround would just use other social media platforms like YouTube or TikTok to create short and interesting videos about your game. Ads weren’t as effective as they used to, if you didn’t spend a ridiculous amount of money on them.