'Sponsored Ad' VS 'User Ad' Advertisements. Which is more effective?


I’m 'bout to spent +/- 3K on advertising again, but i’ve never spend money before on Sponsored Game-Advertisements.
I’m thinking of spending 1k on doing Sponsoring, but i’m not sure if it’s really worth is?

For 1K on ‘User Ad’-advertising, i get 124,271 impressions. I normaly spend 3K on it. And have a +/- flow of 15 players in my game.

For 1K on ‘Sponsored Game’-advertising, i would get 210,912 impressions.
But, compared to User Ads, do people commen click more on Ads, or Sponsored Games?


Sponsored games appear to be more effective, at least to me. I haven’t had a chance to use them yet, but I figured out some tactics and seen some Flamingo videos to have a good estimation. User ads only appear on desktop. If you’re going for that audience, then do that. If you want to rake in as many people as possible, split up your robux to sponsor ad across multiple platforms.


It’s worth trying both to compare. The majority prefers sponsors, but a good percentage of devs find that they get better results with user ads. You’ll likely fall into one of those two camps, and you won’t know which one without some trial and error.


Personally it seems that sponsors are much better for me, I just end up with more visits than if I advertised

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And how would you rate the length of their visit? If you have compared. Do Sponsored people play longer then Advertised people?

Well the advertisement’s average playtime was a little longer but that’s probably because my game was in development for longer and was better quality at the time of the advertisement. When my game is complete I may do a larger test with both an advertisement and a sponsor and compare them.

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Sponsored Ads are more effective because they don’t get blocked by ad blockers, at least the ones I use; therefore, all players should see them.



I’ve run 1500 on a Sponsored Game-Ad and a Classic Ad.

In my case, a Classic Ad was way more effective!

Sponsored Ad-Stats
Impressions: 279K - Clicks: 332 - CTR: 0.12% - Bid: 1515

User Ad-Stats
Impressions: 129K - Clicks: 1660 - CTR: 1.28% - Bid: 1515