Sponsored Games is a scam

I started making my game (Cosmic War Tycoon) last November and it’s now released and actively being played. Over the past few months, I have poured (off and on) many thousands of roblox into sponsoring the game and have found a very disturbing pattern.

With no sponsorships at all, the game averages about 60 players at any given time. I sponsored it with 1K on console only and I noticed that the PC player count dropped exactly proportional to the increase in console players who came in through the sponsorship campaign. The game remained at the average of 60 players.

I decided to put 3K on PC only and saw exactly the same shift but this time in favor of PC users and the game remained around 60 players.

I did this experiment across all platforms and each time, the targeted platform increased while the others decreased to keep my average player count at around 50 - 60 consistantly.

Yesterday, I decided to spend half of my “winnings” from the game on a bigger experiment where I put 30K robux on a sponsorship spread across all platforms. You would think that I’d see a bump in player count now right?

Wrong! Still exactly at the 50 - 60 player count average with absolutely no difference … and the player count is spread across all platforms nearly evenly.

All games have some bugs but overall this is a fairly bug free game with a pretty good player rating after having almost 313K plays. The most telling thing here, though, is the consistency of player count no matter what the sponsorship amount is even up to an unglodly amount of 30,000 robux!

So, I am kind of just venting here because there’s nothing I can do about it but I do hope that someone from Roblox reads this and understands why we are so frustrated and feel ripped off by the platform.

Even 4 hours later:



Your players are being weird to you. Almost acting like bots.

I don’t think that’s it. What do you see that leads you to think that?

So here we are the next day after the 30K has been donated … err … spent on the sponsorship with no sponsorship going on at the moment.

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