Sponsored Games on Xbox!


Hey Developers,

Earlier this year we received feedback from the developer community that you wanted to promote your games on Xbox. As of today, we’ve made this an option! Our goal with this new feature is to provide a way for your games to be discovered on Xbox, as well as surface new content for users.

Along with this change, we gave the Sponsored page a refreshed design to incorporate the Xbox platform.

We are fixing the minor visual bug on this page in the next release.


Q: What sorts do Sponsored Games appear in on Xbox?
A: Popular, Top Rated, & Top Earning

Huge shoutout to @VidarBigShoe, @stellachenyyoY_Yo, and @PhantomAdmiral for making this feature happen!

Let us know what you think!


SWEET!! I love it


YES! This is awesome! :smile:


Woop woop! Great to see a new medium output to advertise games




I wonder if the price (robux per impression) to sponsor will become extremely high the next few days, and how it may level out


This is really cool. Great to see a new way to advertise games on the ever-growing console platforms.


I feel like a guinea pig


already ran console sponsors, thanks


Guess you gotta wait until it’s known for sure how well it will turn out, or risk it. :wink:


risk it for a biscuit :wink:


Sounds worth it for a biscuit!


→ be me
→ sees sponsored games on xbox
→ rushes to make a bid
→ accidentally presses my test server
→ bids 10k by accident




edit: you could’ve not wasted 10k D:


I could’ve!! AWW


This is the type of spicy content I subscribed for. Bravo :heart:.