Sponsored Section Title Overlay on Hover

Issue Description:

When using the Roblox Universal App, hovering your cursor over any experience within the “Sponsored” section causes the title of the “Sponsored” section to overlay the experience’s title and thumbnail visually.

Reproduction Steps

  1. Launch the Roblox Universal App.
  2. Navigate to a page that displays the “Sponsored” section (e.g., homepage, browse games).
  3. Move your cursor over any experience listed within the “Sponsored” section.

Expected Behavior:

The experience card should be highlighted on hover without obscuring the experience title or thumbnail. The “Sponsored” section title should remain in its original position.

Visual Aids:


Noooo not another bug @JuanGamerPlayz_RBLX :sob:

It’s kind of weird that you can reproduce a lot of stuff we can’t though. There must be some combination of device / build / account that we don’t have.

Do you always have the 1:1 icon in the hover state? You should be seeing the 16:9 image like this:

Do you mind checking a different account as well?

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Heya @skpm_plz! How are you?

Yeah… It is pretty weird that I am pretty much discovering these bugs by just using the product around… Perhaps it might be also the version of the app, the core scripts and channel, which sometimes changes… I might be wrong because I am not familiar with their true meaning behind the scenes, but please correct me at anytime :open_hands:

I will try replicating once again within another account ASAP and see if it is still the same :dash:

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Hey @skpm_plz!

I tried checking if I could see the Sponsored section by creating a new account and it appears that it doesn’t. I am unsure how to reproduce with an alternative account if it won’t show the section to me… Likewise, I am still able to replicate on my end using my primary account…

It doesn’t show the image as 16:9 like on the picture you provided, only 1:1. This is happening only on my primary account from what I see, and as for the rest, is different

Would there be a possibility to share my Roblox App version on PMs?

I’ll DM you an account you can use to test with :slight_smile:

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Hey @skpm_plz! How are you?

I wanted to share an update on this issue. After several weeks, the Roblox Universal App has been updated with a hovering system on my end. Now, when I hover my cursor over any experience listed below the section title, the title no longer overlaps. Despite that it shows in 1:1, it is now fully what I expected!

It concludes that this bug has been fixed truly!

Marking my reply as solved!

@skpm_plz Unmarked the comment above because it seems that the bug has returned… Furthermore, this might be happening exclusively if the Sponsored section is below of Continue section. It is somewhat awkward that this bug is like a ghost…

I suppose this might be happening based on the location of my account (?) – I am not sure… Hopefully, this can be issue can be fixed in some way sooner or later

Apologies for the delay in response @JuanGamerPlayz_RBLX!

I have enrolled your account in an upcoming bugfix/change that I hope can fix the issue. There should be no other user-facing changes.

Could you please let me know if it still occurs? (You will have to quit and reopen the app).

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Hi, I also noticed that when you select the game, it hides ‘recommended for you’ below. Which one are you using: Roblox Player, Roblox Beta, or the version installed from the Windows Store?

Hey @skpm_plz! How are you?

No worries about the delay! But, being serious now, I quit and reopened the app and I can still encounter the same thing just like @RunnerSpaceLatency above:


Sad lol. Okay thanks for your help testing! We will continue to investigate and I will keep you updated.

Thanks for your patience!

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