Sponsoring is currently extremely worthless

Anyone know if this has been fixed yet? I’d like to launch my game with sponsored in a couple days with this feature.


I recommend waiting for an announcement or a reply from Roblox staff. I tested this myself a few days ago, I noticed quite a drop as well.


They used to let sponsors on the front page but now you only see them if you click the View All on a category. Though you would then have to scroll down far enough to find some.


Though I’m not a Roblox admin, I can say that sponsors are somewhat back onto the front page.

I’ve been seeing them generally on all game categories except for the Recommended For you category, I’d assume now that sponsors have returned to their former click rates.


Yooooo you’re right!!! Roblox added sponsors to the Most engaging sort (which is #1 for me!!)


Looks like sponsors are appearing in all of the sorts aside from the “Recommended for you” sort now (which seems expected)


Anybody sponsored a game yet? Would like to see how this turns out.

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Sure, here are my tests.

I tested each category then took the best performing one and tested it with the next category.
The results are kinda confusing. I have a very high Cost Per Click (CPC) but a low Cost Per Play (CPP).
As I ran more tests, the CPP only got higher

As I ran more sponsors, my Cost Per Play went up to where it wouldnt be profitable for me to run sponsors. This could be due to a few factors like how they were ran over the week-end and many people were running sponsors because they were recently fixed. I’d love to see if anyone else is experience behavior like this.


What was the number of plays for those sponsored ads?

Hey all.

Not too sure if anyone else are still experiencing extremely worthless sponsorships.

I have on a few occasions played with different filters and seemingly I have seen no change of any sort with interaction direct from sponsorships, in fact, from a 20k sponsor with all devices selected I received 37 peak concurrent players, possibly the lowest I have ever seen on ANY game, I am pretty sure a plain baseplate would trump this before the impression system changes.

I have also tested this with another game which used to do very well on sponsors with the exact same icon, however it did not even topple 100 concurrent with an investment that would once get me 600 concurrent easily not including returning users.

Because impressions are counted on sponsored ads that are not actually visible to the user, this drastically increases the price per click or PPC for sponsored ads, this is not the norm on other platforms, other advertisers such as Adsense will actually ban webmasters that have hidden ads as this is usually seen as a sign of fraud. With this I am talking about the fact that sponsored ad ‘impressions’ are counted even when multiple tabs/pages to the right, meaning nobody actually sees this impression. It has been claimed to have been fixed from what I have seen here, but I just don’t see how when it takes no time to load the next set of games, meaning they were pre-loaded, you can literally see the beginning of the next row.

Visits as a result of my sponsorships have been on average costing 5 robux per visit, the same for a few of my friends running all sorts of games, some even as much as 7, a ridiculous statistic for those wanting to start up a new game. I presume that this matter is still lowkey because established games that already have sort page activity or a player base see no difference yet any new project/game will flop.

Please feel free to let me know if you are aware of anything I am incorrect about or any potential soothing factors I can use, because from my pov you currently cannot release a new ROBLOX game without the help of YouTubers, an established fan base/server or millions of Robux.


We sponsored our game for 10k total (Image only shows 3 sponsors) yesterday and the peak concurrent players we got was 25 players, I will say our game icon isn’t the best but it’s for sure better than other vibe games and pretty attractive to kids. Is this the new norm now due to the platform getting bigger, or will this be improved in some way?


Not too sure.


This is the icon I was running and 37 was my peak on a 20k sponsorship.

I don’t think this issue is as big as we think because established games with passive players and/or sort page positions are unaffected. The majority of games we see thrive will not encounter this issue as sponsors are usually not needed with their communities.

Hopefully more people are in the same boat as us and they stumble upon this post to share.


I used this icon, pretty eye catchy and sponsored around 40k, my peak was barely 100 players.

This is a huge issue for new games that want to release but they just can’t get as popular due to the fact that sponsors are literally USELESS. It’s just a waste of robux at this point and honestly its very demotivating not just for me but I assume for every dev trying to release a new game. I hope ROBLOX resolves it.


I hear you man. I sponsored my game for 128k over the span of 2 days, and got up to 800 concurrent. That’s not terrible compared to how most people are doing but I think it has more to do with how well the playtime and retention is with my game. It’s been hovering at anywhere from 400-600 since, which really shows how my game would’ve had some serious front page potential, had sponsors been an actually viable option. I really hope sponsors get a much-needed change in the right direction soon. This, as I mentioned before when sponsors were completely and utterly busted, is stunting smaller developers and keeping them off of the front page sorts. Please fix :frowning_face:


At this point, sponsors and advertising are a bad way if you want your game to get a lot of concurrent players. I am assuming you have a clicker game, the best way to get that high up is to have famous content creators such as Russo Plays to play your game.


They’ve removed sponsored sort and now sponsors and advertising are even more worthless, is anybody else experiencing this?


Do you guys see higher Post Clicks or Higher Post Views? Usually, I see higher attributed plays via Post Clicks but we’re seeing much higher Post View attributed plays which is a bit strange if you ask me…

My understanding is that Post Views are people who didn’t click the ad but it showed up on their game page at some point and they ended up playing the game within a 28 day period?

Yeah I agree with this, they are still extremely worthless to this day. At one point they added a separate game sort right at the top of the page for all the sponsored games, but now they’ve removed it and my CPP / CPC has gone back up again (by alot).

(that sponsored sort was in testing, I’m pretty sure)

I don’t know why they removed it, it was giving me a really good CPP / CPC & I was able to keep 200 - 300 concurrent players easily.

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I’m experiencing this too, my CPP and CPC has gone up by almost 3X when they removed the sponsored sort. When it was still there the sponsors were actually worth it and I got 4X what I spent back from it.

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Roblox is beta testing a new UI which I think has the sponsored sort included in it.