We’ve Rebuilt Sponsored Games!

I am also getting an error which states “Start date must not be a future date”

Can we get some eyes on this? It is completely bricking me out from using any sponsored ads on any game.

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yes they did system was messed up


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To overcome this “error”, you will need to refresh your page multiple times and re-try to run the sponsor with all the settings you have enabled.


I’m also having this issue.

I’ve noticed if you wait 1 minute after the scheduled time, you are able to run the sponsor properly.


As we continue to make improvements to Sponsored Games, we are happy to announce two additions:

  • We have added placements for ads into the majority of the sorts on the Games page. Advertisers may see an increase in impressions in their ad campaigns starting today!

  • Shortly, we will launch improved reporting for “attributed plays.” We will report “post click attributed plays” and “post view attributed plays” separately. This higher level of granularity in reporting will help our developers better understand the performance of their Sponsored Games.


Thank you for finally addressing this! You guys are awesome


This was a much-needed change to remediate the issues with the loss of players due to the lack of impressions being received. Thank you.


This is a great change! Happy to see some of the devs’ feedback being used!

Is it intentional to only allow one unique description per ad, but no way to re-run those ads? If not, this must be a design oversight, as you cannot re-run the previous ads

Example screenshot

If i wanted to use “idk test 1” as an ad description, it’s impossible to run it again with that same description. Also no button to re-run it shown


This is most likely intentional design because attributed plays are tied to each ad campaign.

Stats would get chaotic by being able to continue to run the same ad that would be getting a 28 day click through attribution window.

I don’t know how this works with running the ad multiple times from the start of each ad campaign
With a max of 28 days, perhaps the 28 day window continues on 28 days after that - or it all ends after the original 28 days.

This is brilliant news, and a significant improvement that now makes Sponsors considerably better than regular advertisements. Thank you for your work on this!


Has anyone seen any improvements in their CTR?

Gender still definitely plays a role in demographics on this platform.

Just because it can be seen as morally questionable doesn’t quite mean it isn’t a useful tool. As I’m sure you’ve heard this in countless replies already so I’ll keep it brief, statistics have shown that certain genders tend to play certain genres of games more than others, even on Roblox.

There is no stereotype being enforced. At first, yes, stereotypes will play a role. If the stereotype isn’t correct, it won’t be profitable, thus there will be no more stereotype. And if the stereotype is profitable, then you can assume that to a broad degree with many exceptions, it must be true.

Ignoring the tendencies for the 90% in name of inclusion for the 10% will in itself drive stereotypes. You can very quickly find out if a certain gender group prefers a game if you can test it out. If not, you’ll be in an uncertain state of mind and without being able to create a concrete answer, most people will just impassively keep the stereotype in their minds.


I have not seen any drastic change in my last ad I ran, but I’m going to continue to test it and compare.

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Anyone got any updates on this today? From what I’ve heard, the CTR is still absolutely shocking. If that’s so, ill be waiting until it’s further fixed until I sponsor anything.


Apparently, it’s been fixed, according to the posts above, though no post-update results have been shown yet.

Hopefully somebody provides some photo evidence. I have enough funds for a ‘alright’ sponsor, but I don’t have that much that I can slap 30k down to test it and it to return nothing.

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Here’s what I got recently. Unless it’s massively improved within today it’s still not great. That, or my game icon is too dark. (this was my best category out of 6 tests based on mobile, tablet and pc by gender.) I then assumed its just because of the small amount and slapped down 100k spread across 2 weeks but stopped it as it was showing higher CPP and CPC rates than this test.


My game was Top Rated #21(which is exactly where the Sponsored Ad goes) at the time of this update and my game has disappeared from the whole page since, even though my ratings have been improving at the same pace that caused me to get that high up there to begin with.

Was there an adjustment to the Top Rated algorithm with this Sponsored games improvement? Does the sponsored ad slot happen to consume whatever game would’ve been in that slot otherwise?