Sponsoring is killing game stats these months

So I have mentioned myself, that for example if I had 80 visits per hours (I didn’t was calculating back in time, so it’s just an example) and started sponsoring my game, then instead of getting players in my game, sponsoring like cut half of visits and replaced visits from search with visits from sponsoring.
Also, something is wrong after advertising for pc and several ads on phone. Before 20-21 august, I did 3500 robux advertising for tablet and phone, my game stats weren’t growing, but ONLY after the ad ended the stats went only up. Now at 20-21 august I did test 1k robux for pc and 1k (10 times 100 robux) phone ads, and look, my game stats went to the downhill for absolutely no reason after the end of ad. Is that a bug or supposed to be? Also did user ads for 600 robux.
Besides, I mentioned the fact, that without sponsoring your game never will be able to search easily
Edit: I don’t know why, but visits by hourly in developer stats working with a delay for me, because of this the information may not match (not my fault)

Edit: additional information about 20th august:

18th august:



Thanks for this report. So sorry for the late response here. I’ve given the team a heads up.


Thanks for responding to all these bug reports, it’s nice to see another staff member looking out for the dev community. But I digress.

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Thank you for sharing this @M1Jy , and apologies for the late response. In order to further investigate your concerns, can you please share the link to your game?

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I’ve got a different error about sponsors. Since yesterday, my sponsors dont work anymore. They get a “normal” CPC but their CPP is EXTREMELY high and i only get a few dozen visits from them. Before yesterday everything worked normal as you can see in the picture. I didnt change anything ingame.

Link: Bunker Tycoon💥 [TANKS] - Roblox

Thank you for fast 1 month response, here is the game link Your Sus Katya~ - Roblox

This has happened to me too. Just wasted 50k robux.

Also I used to get 20m impressions for the same amount of Robux.

Got 4m this time.

If I would’ve known I’d get no impressions I wouldn’t have sponsored.

I can’t help but agree. Sponsors really kill CCU. During the sponsorship, my game doesn’t grow online, it DROPS. I can’t understand what they added to sponsoring after 2020 that completely killed it. And I’m not even talking about the PC sponsor, which has become the most useless device in history for sponsors.

And also, my game lost approximately 500-1000 players online after getting featured in the Up-Coming tab. So, the question is, WHY do recommendations harm the game?

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They are just playing around with testing stuff, on September 16-22 some of my games got x40 or more boost in visits from home page, but next day it was back as it was before “boom”…

@M1Jy Thanks for your patience.

I was able to a deeper look into your reported issue.
I can share your experience’s aggregate stats per day throughout August with you, here or in a direct message, whichever you prefer.

Reported issue:
If I understood correctly, the main reported issue was with an inconsistency on the impact of sponsored ads before/during/after the sponsoring request.

As you noted, I can also see a drop in the experience’s stats (impressions + clicks + number of plays + playtime) on Aug 21st. However, please note that Aug 21st was a Monday, and Roblox typically experiences a higher number of active users during the weekends and holidays.
In order to verify that the drop was attributed to the day of week, I did two tests:

  1. I also compared the game stats on other Mondays during Aug. It can be seen that there is always a drop of stats (impressions + clicks + number of plays + playtime) on Mondays, compared to Sundays.
  2. I looked at metrics relative to total impressions, such as click through rate (CTR), which is less affected by day of the week. Looking at the CTR for the experience, I actually see a bit of increase on Aug 21st.
    Please let me know if you have observations that suggest day of week is not the playing factor in that behavior.
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In order to be able to route your issue to the correct team, can you please file a separate ticket for the cost related issue?

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