Sponsors: Gaining 100+ players then losing all shortly

I’ve developed and released a simple “Would You Rather” game and targetted it towards a younger audience, and doing so on sponsored advertisements. The game manages to peak out at around 500 players on a good sponsor day, and typically has spikes throughout the sponsoring period where it can reach an upwards of 50-100 CCU.

However, this typically only lasts for around 20-30 minutes and the game drops down to around 1-5 CCU after 30 minutes which is really confusing. Does anybody have any tips or advice on how I can sponsor my game better - or what I can change in the game to make it more appealing?

Check out the game here, thanks alot.

The new sponsored system tends to do this, where you receive an upsurge in visitors and then a downsurge. I would recommend employing retention methods in your experience to make players play longer/play again in the future.

I implemented a rewards system which gives players benefits in-game the longer they play, the it ranges from 2-25 minutes. Is there anything else you recommend adding?

Possibly rewards for coming back to the game, or purchasable benefits that the player can come back to use.

problem with roblox now a days is you kinda gotta get scummy to retain a playerbase. things like lootboxes and gamepasses and all that “help” more then any high quality scripting and building. sad truth but you gotta do what you gotta do

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