Sponsorship does not seem to be reporting accurate Clicks

I recently ran separate Computer and Console platform sponsorships and their CTRs are wildly unlikely
There is no way my console CTR went from 0.146% and 0.099% to the recent 0.002%. Nor have I ever seen my computer CTR go from 0.034% and 0.021% to the recent 0.144%.
My console players went from ~35 daily to 1653 on Thursday, so no chance that 41 console clicks is correct.
My icon is either the same or the same except I removed the word “Alpha” from the bottom, so its not a drastic improvement/decline from that.

Page URL: https://www.roblox.com/sponsorships/list#!/experiences


We’ve filed a ticket to our internal database, and we’ll follow up when we have an update!

Thanks for the report!


Hello @Alkan,

After investigation we’ve been able to confirm that overall, total clicks are unaffected.


  1. Computer impressions decreasing is expected due to Home Page changes.
  2. It’s unknown why the number of Console clicks is so low, but it’s likely most of the converted players were attributed to the impressions rather than clicks.
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