Sponsorships consuming entire daily budget immediately

As of right now, the past 3 - 4 advertisements that have been ran on my game have resulted in the game jumping to a large amount of players (1,000 - 10,000) & as such consuming the entire ad budget. I have personally tried to lower the CPP to 0.01 however it still consumes the entirety of the budget.

Expected behavior

The ad should be rationed out over the specified start and end date, there is no way around this as I can’t lower the cost per play anymore. This is not beneficial for the game in any way as a consistent stream of players is more valuable than a short burst.

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also have been experiencing this issue, its kinda cool watching my game explode to the moon but it’s definitely not intended

if it helps at all it doesn’t seem to happen on console sponsors (only tested once recently though), but it does seem to happen every time on mobile sponsors

edit: attaching an image to show how drastic this can be


Thanks for the report! We’ll take a look.


With the removal of user ads approaching, do we have any update on whether or not this is intended behavior or not? I wouldn’t want to be left without a solid method of advertising future projects.


Just had a 20$ sponsor get fully drained within an hour after setting the time to 1.5 days.


200$ of ad credit consumed immediately today… Still a persistent issue and should not be intended???


Dealt with this today as well. Started my sponsors last night, didn’t receive any impressions at all until this morning (8+ hours) where it spent the entire budget all at once.


I thought I was the only one experiencing this! It felt so weird, I’ve lost around R$ 30.000 due to this.

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testing out sponsors on a side project with a small budget (~20k robux) to see if this behavior is still occurring and it definitely hasn’t been fixed