Spooktacular Game's Egg Hunt 2023 Potential 1-Year Delay

Greeting’s Egg Hunters,

As some of you may know, me and Spooktacular Games have been working on a fan-made Egg Hunt similar to last year’s “Egg Hunt 2022: Lost in Time” created by Innovation Games. We have been hyping this egg hunt for about 2 months now and we have grown a decent following along the way. Our team have been working day and night to make sure it reminds us of the good times. Sadly, quite a few complications have come up and could potentially cause a year delay on the game.

Problems that could result into a yearly delay!

As we explained above, we have been working for quite sometime on the game now, and while we had had a lot of fun creating it, there are some major issues with the games operation. Starting off with quest. As many of you know, egg hunt’s are filled with challenges and quest for players to do in order to collect there eggs. This year, we had over 50+ NPC’S planned for the finale product. Without the NPC’s 75% of the egg’s won’t be collectable! This would become a major problem because the point of the egg hunt would be ruined. Secondly, we are not completely finished with the game. Our game contains 9 different worlds for players to complete quest and challenges to venture on their trip through the Eggverse. If we were to release the game in it’s current state, nothing will be operational. There are currently only 7 eggs that are obtainable in this year’s egg hunt. Finally, lack of development. In the beginning, development was going well and we were able to achieve a lot in 1 day. Sadly, as time wen’t on, some of our developer’s person lives got in the way. School has become a major issue for some, work, ect. We have put a lot into this game and we want everyone who is a follow of our project to know this isn’t the end of it (if it is delayed). If it is delayed for one year then we will just have time to make it much better than expected.


This message is not intended for the idea that the game is never releasing or even if the delay will happen. Right now, it is just a possibility that I wanted to share so people know in advanced. We appreciate all the love and support we have received over the past month and a half and we are beyond grateful for this opportunity. We will certainly continue to work on this project with passion and good attitude to make sure we can restore that feeling of hopping on Roblox and hunting eggs.

Thank you for you’re time!