Spo_oky ~ Updated GFX Portfolio

About Me!

Hi there! I am Spo_oky, I am a Roblox Developer, Game Producer, GFX Artist and a Ui artist. In my last portfolio I was using Cinema 4D, I have now switched to using Blender for a couple of reasons. Blenders default render engine [Cycles and Eevee] are way better than Cinema 4D’s default render engine. You can make alot of Cinema 4D if you had Octane. But my PC cannot handle it cause I don’t have a Nvidia Graphics card. And therefore switched to Blender to achieve better GFX’s.


Here I have my best GFX’s so far made with Blender and some in Cinema 4D.

Here are some examples of my work.




I am available most of the time. Just hit me up.


Please Note - These prices can change in the future.


Discord - Spo_oky#0739
Twitter - @ItsSpo_oky

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:


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