SpotLights not working

Hey there!

So for some reason, when i have a SpotLight with Shadows on, it just doesn’t work. Here’s the properties:

I’m currently using Future, and apparently if you have SpotLights with Shadows on, lights doesn’t pass through walls, which is what i’m trying to get for a flashlight.

Any help is appreciated!


Hi! :wave:

Have you selected the right face you want the part to emit light from? Try also moving the part to open places so you can see if any invisible part is blocking the light.

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Yes. Everything is as it should be. No invisible parts.

When i turn ShadowMap on, it works perfectly fine, but for some reason when i turn Future on, poof.

Would you mind trying those properties on a SpotLight to see if you’re getting the problem aswell? I would really appreciate it.

Here’s the Lighting settings if necessary:

I’m also getting this when i put the angle to max (illuminati confirmed?)

Oh, that’s bad. I have no clue what it could be, I will try to find out tho :+1:

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So, I’ve been searching it up and on some of asimo3089’s tweets he said some lights are werid. And it’s normal, right now some lights might behave in a weird way.

You should try re-doing the whole part & light. If it doesn’t work pick a baseplate and try on it so you can see if the problem is with your settings.

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Found it. The CastShadow property in the part was Enabled, blocking light from the SpotLight for some reason.

I appreciate the help. (I dont know whether to mark this as the solution because it is or your reply because it helped me lead to the solution : p)


Oh you guys, saved my day. The future is the one that fixed the shadows to make it more realistic, haha.