Spottik - 10 Years Building Portfolio

Hello! :grin: :wave:

Im Spottik and this is my building portfolio that displays my progression as a
builder over a course of 4 years. I have been developing on Roblox for 10 years 
(Since 2009) and decided to map some of my progression. I am currently working 
for/Co-own Cloud Entertainment along with Spynaz and Hevoq. I do accept small 
jobs with an agreed upon payment. Make sure to ask any questions with a reply!

You can contact me via discord - .丂アoイ#0643 - make sure to get the period in the name

Roblox Builds
|Newest| Fishing Fronteir - 2019

Started 2019 - Currently in development with Cloud Entertainment. Inspired by the polygon pirate pack

Blade of Honor - 2017-2018

Started 2017 - No longer in development

Exploration Sim - 2018

Started 2018 - No longer in development (too ambitious)

In the Images below I created the meshes seen in the images and my co-developer Hevoq created the scenes

Grand Blox Auto - 2017

With insiration from a copyrighted game.

Modern Home - 2016

Created with inspiration from architectural magazines. I had not yet goten into blender yet so the trees and cars except one (that I made) in these images are not mine.

Futuristic Home - 2016

Created with inspiration from architectural magazines. I had not yet goten into blender yet so the trees in these images are not mine.

Skyrim Showcase - 2016

One of my first attempts at a showcase and I was very proud of it. The horses were not created by me

Horizon Theater - 2015-2016

Created back when I was into making small community games speciffically in the builder club section. It was the easiest way to create games and have people actually play them at the time. Before I created the group Horizon, I worked for Apollo Theater as their developer.

Snowbird Ski Resort - 2015

This was my first attempt at creating a front page game. I had aspirations of creating a ski resort in time for the 2016 winter olympics and as you may notice I put a lot of effort into it but was not nearly as skilled as I am today.

Random Builds

Blender Models

Structural and Furniture

Plants and Animals


Im to lazy to insert my entire architecture porfolio but as a fun fact I am currently pursuing Architecture. Here is my newest project’s renders

Modern Rustic Home


Ayeee! Good stuff bro

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This is some nice stuff, I’d recommend you take your screenshots with higher graphics though, it doesn’t look like anti-aliasing is on at all. :wink:

Not sure how to go about doing that

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I’m already on 21 so im not sure… nvm my edit quality wasnt set at 21

Wow, congratz. I even have played some of those games in the past and heard about fishing frontier in the fantastic frontier discord’s creations channel. I think you were talking about it. Anyways, congratulations on those 10 whole developing years.

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The buildings from your newest build are from a polygon asset pack. I would suggest to inform potential customers beforehand by adding it to the post.


Yes and no. The polygon asset pack you are talking about was used as an inspiration. However, @Spottik 100% created those assets himself in blender.

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Yes, as Spynaz said, I used it as inspiration and I totally forgot to say! I made the models myself and if you really want to inspect them you’ll notice they’re not completely the same.

I must say that your building style and quality has improved drastically over these 4 years! Breathtaking builds. Would recommend you 100%.

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Very impressive and diverse style. You can also see an improvement in quality overtime.

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Looks good!

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Very impressive work, might consider hiring you as a 3D modeler in the future :eyes:

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(I accidentally replied to Spynaz; sorry.)

Beautiful builds! I especially envy how you achieve balance in your lighting: not too bright/dark and great shadows.

You are very talented!

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Lovely builds, although I think the spoiler in the Discord username disables copy and paste on Google Chrome Mac, thus we cannot copy and paste your Discord. Other than that, good stuff. :+1:


Hey Spottik, I have a question. Does your Discord include the two dashes?

No, I was hoping they would help distinguish the username

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Absolutely love your architecture builds! :slight_smile:

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Your discord changed, lend me a new one? Your builds sound amazing. Would be interested in a collab.