Spottik - 10 Years Building Portfolio

Hello! :grin: :wave:

Im Spottik and this is my building portfolio that displays my progression as a
builder over a course of 4 years. I have been developing on Roblox for 10 years 
(Since 2009) and decided to map some of my progression. I am currently working 
for/Co-own Cloud Entertainment along with Spynaz and Hevoq. I do accept small 
jobs with an agreed upon payment. Make sure to ask any questions with a reply!

You can contact me via discord - .丂アoイ#0643 - make sure to get the period in the name

Roblox Builds
|Newest| Fishing Fronteir - 2019

Started 2019 - Currently in development with Cloud Entertainment. Inspired by the polygon pirate pack

Blade of Honor - 2017-2018

Started 2017 - No longer in development

Exploration Sim - 2018

Started 2018 - No longer in development (too ambitious)

In the Images below I created the meshes seen in the images and my co-developer Hevoq created the scenes

Grand Blox Auto - 2017

With insiration from a copyrighted game.

Modern Home - 2016

Created with inspiration from architectural magazines. I had not yet goten into blender yet so the trees and cars except one (that I made) in these images are not mine.

Futuristic Home - 2016

Created with inspiration from architectural magazines. I had not yet goten into blender yet so the trees in these images are not mine.

Skyrim Showcase - 2016

One of my first attempts at a showcase and I was very proud of it. The horses were not created by me

Horizon Theater - 2015-2016

Created back when I was into making small community games speciffically in the builder club section. It was the easiest way to create games and have people actually play them at the time. Before I created the group Horizon, I worked for Apollo Theater as their developer.

Snowbird Ski Resort - 2015

This was my first attempt at creating a front page game. I had aspirations of creating a ski resort in time for the 2016 winter olympics and as you may notice I put a lot of effort into it but was not nearly as skilled as I am today.

Random Builds

Blender Models

Structural and Furniture

Plants and Animals


Im to lazy to insert my entire architecture porfolio but as a fun fact I am currently pursuing Architecture. Here is my newest project’s renders

Modern Rustic Home


Ayeee! Good stuff bro


This is some nice stuff, I’d recommend you take your screenshots with higher graphics though, it doesn’t look like anti-aliasing is on at all. :wink:

Not sure how to go about doing that

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I’m already on 21 so im not sure… nvm my edit quality wasnt set at 21

Wow, congratz. I even have played some of those games in the past and heard about fishing frontier in the fantastic frontier discord’s creations channel. I think you were talking about it. Anyways, congratulations on those 10 whole developing years.

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The buildings from your newest build are from a polygon asset pack. I would suggest to inform potential customers beforehand by adding it to the post.


Yes and no. The polygon asset pack you are talking about was used as an inspiration. However, @Spottik 100% created those assets himself in blender.

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Yes, as Spynaz said, I used it as inspiration and I totally forgot to say! I made the models myself and if you really want to inspect them you’ll notice they’re not completely the same.

I must say that your building style and quality has improved drastically over these 4 years! Breathtaking builds. Would recommend you 100%.

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Very impressive and diverse style. You can also see an improvement in quality overtime.

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Looks good!

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Very impressive work, might consider hiring you as a 3D modeler in the future :eyes:

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(I accidentally replied to Spynaz; sorry.)

Beautiful builds! I especially envy how you achieve balance in your lighting: not too bright/dark and great shadows.

You are very talented!

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Lovely builds, although I think the spoiler in the Discord username disables copy and paste on Google Chrome Mac, thus we cannot copy and paste your Discord. Other than that, good stuff. :+1:


Hey Spottik, I have a question. Does your Discord include the two dashes?

No, I was hoping they would help distinguish the username

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Absolutely love your architecture builds! :slight_smile:

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Your discord changed, lend me a new one? Your builds sound amazing. Would be interested in a collab.

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