Spray Paint Deluxe Simulator - Uncopylocked / Open Source

Hey everyone! I have decided to open source my spray painting game that has recently gained a little bit of traction. This was mostly a personal project, but I added a little bit to give it some specialty! The code is pretty bare-bones, and does not use any framework. There is definitely a lot that could be done to refine it, which I will likely circle back to in the coming weeks.

This game supports creating art work with brush colors, brush width, layers, and some other fun features. A lot more can be added, and that is why I decided to open source it. I want fellow developers on here to take the work and make something amazing on their own!

The game is licensed under Creative Commons 4.0 by Attribution. I’m more than open to change the licensing for those who may want something different, so feel free to send me a PM if you’d like to work that out.

Check it out here, feel free to share pictures and/or videos of any edits you make :grinning:



I’ve made a few updates!

The code is a lot more organized, which is perfect for an open source project. Majority of the code is strictly typed now as well, aside from ProfileService, which I will have to tackle another time. Edit: The entire code-base is now entirely strictly typed.

There’s a ton of UI improvements, general QoL changes, and the game feels a lot more “official” rather than a prototype.

I hope people find this resource quite valuable!