Spreading detailed level over large area to improve render performance?

I’m not a fan of the way the built in level of detail handles parts or terrain. It appears to randomly choose parts and terrain pieces to disappear and reappear. So if you test a project in Studio using level 1 detail, games quickly become unplayable and very distracting.

I’m trying to find alternate ways to improve game performance and I know of other methods. Today my question is this:

Does taking a building, separating the exterior from the interior, and moving them very far apart in the map improve performance? You could teleport the player in-map from outside the building to the inside.

In the same theme… if there are 100 3D kittens behind a wall and they aren’t visible to the player camera, do they affect render performance? Or if they were 20,000 studs apart?

anyone may feel free to correct me if im wrong about this…
the way i understand it, yes separating interior and exterior will improve performance. the way i do it is to create and delete the interiors as needed. however, there is lag created based on the longest distance between two parts (this is for a reason unrelated to rendering). so i wouldn’t advise moving the interiors more than 10,000 studs away which means you may need a visual obstruction of some kind ex. fake skyboxes. as to the second question, yes, parts behind a wall will impact performance.

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20,000 studs away will improve performance, many games do this. 100 3D kittens behind a wall next to you (while you look at it) will cause perfomance issues, even though it’s hidden.

I think it’s due to shadows. Playing pretty much any SCPF game will tell you that information, lol.

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