Spring UI Tester

What is Spring UI?

The normal way of thinking about UI Animations in Roblox is as a tween. This means you tell tweenservice to change some property in some set amount of time and maybe on a curve as well. Which works but can introduce some problems for UI that switches animations states many times, such as a button. If you’ve ever had issues where a button gets stuck in a down state implementing Spring UI is one of the best fixes. It also pairs extremely well with BasicState (or other state management resources) however I won’t go into that here.

So what did I make?

Sometimes when creating Spring UI it’s awkward to dial in values to make something look good, so I made a simple game that allows you to test spring parameters using a basic GUI. You set the parameters how you want them and then drag around the blue dot to see how the position follows your mouse.


Try it here!

Example of how I used it so far

Spring UI (and this tool) can be used to create things such as https://gyazo.com/a9dfd0909914d537a5389841b02c8d09

Modules used, and what I recommend you use: Spr - Spring Animation and BasicState - State Manager

Thank you!


So, this is essentially a fun little experiment to experiment with spring-mass mechanics. :slightly_smiling_face: