Spritesheet Animation cut off


I am using a spritesheet to animate a slash effect, but the texture just cuts off at some point, so I cannot make this. Any help?

if you are using roblox spheres it does that sometimes, i suggest either making your own mesh and texturing that, or use a flat part.

Is it possible to texture a spritesheet?

probably, use surface appearance and set it as transparent. then make a script that changed that texture in it. idk how well it would work tho, might be a little stuttery when ur updating the texture.

im supposed to texture in blender right?

u make ur 3d model in blender, then just uv map it properly. then just make ur sprite images all in the same position so it fits properly.

is there a tutorial i can follow?

not that i know of, sorry. you can try looking online though.

what do you mean by this? im failing miserably